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We give you the control. You may have noticed that we make no pricing claims on our site. We believe in giving you the control in making sure your order is what you want, not what we want to sell. Our custom pricing is more than competive for your special order.


At Pymosa we are able to give you the best value price for your project. Our custom pricing process will provide you with a "cost per item" which allows you to exactly know your cost without any add-on charges, screen charges, set up fees, or any hidden charges for services on you order. Service & Pricing


Screen printing has a minimum of 18 units of like brand and style. Different apparel colors are acceptable as long as nor changes to the ink color(s) for the image. Please call for options on smaller orders. We are always happy to discuss your project with you for the best results.


For your quote, please provide the following information for your custom value pricing (the five "C's"):


  • COMMODITY - the type of articles to be printed.
  • COUNT - how many items. Please include sizes if appicable.
  • COLOR - item color and ink color(s) needed.
  • COPY - your art work or if you want our designers to work with you. FAQ
  • COST - working within a budget? Let us know so we can help to acheive your goals.

You may also provide any requirements you need such as delivery information or special requests. Contact us.



We're always happy to help. Just call us at 770-819-1422 or contact us.


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(We are not a store but a custom print house. No showroom is available.)

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